Errors, mistakes, etc. apparently I was actually less productive. Huh.

I'm still trying to figure out why the index page is broken; for those that understand SSI, my .htaccess file got changed somehow, and now I can't delete, rename, move, or replace it.

I'm trying to get back into the whole comic-making thing, but it's hard. The first thing I need to do is make myself sleep less.


Yeah, I took a little break again to finish up all my school projects. But- for the last time! Because for me, school is over - permanent-like, if you get my meaning, heh heh.

Yes, that's right. I blew up the school.

Anyway, summer's a-starting, and I hope to be a billion times more productive starting now.

As Promised

Happy Birthday, John. XD

Art show pics up... eventually.


Certain deadlines are fast approaching, and so I've decided to take this week off from Gameboy. Sorry.

A new one will be up on Tuesday the 17th, I promise.


There would have been a new comic today... I swear, I had just finished it on Wednesday... annnnnnd then the program shut down without saving. No error. No problem with RunDLL. It just turned off.

I took that as a sign and went to bed.

I'll spend all day today redoing it on the computer and then finishing a strip for tomorrow. Really, I will. So it'll be up later today, and then a new one tomorrow.

Edit: Today's is up. Friday's might not be up until Saturday.